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【概要描述】中国首控集团有限公司(香港主板上市股份代号:1269. HK)专注于优质教育资产的发掘、培育、投资及运营,以素质素养教育,特色K-12教育、传媒艺术教育、国际教育为重点,构建核心业务模式,优化教育资源配置,推进已并购或投资的学校在课程、师资、品牌、运营、教材、技术等方面的协同与整合。


【概要描述】中国首控集团有限公司(香港主板上市股份代号:1269. HK)专注于优质教育资产的发掘、培育、投资及运营,以素质素养教育,特色K-12教育、传媒艺术教育、国际教育为重点,构建核心业务模式,优化教育资源配置,推进已并购或投资的学校在课程、师资、品牌、运营、教材、技术等方面的协同与整合。

  • 分类:学校要闻
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  集团介绍 Group Introduction

  中国首控集团有限公司(香港主板上市股份代号:1269. HK)专注于优质教育资产的发掘、培育、投资及运营,以素质素养教育,特色K-12教育、传媒艺术教育、国际教育为重点,构建核心业务模式,优化教育资源配置,推进已并购或投资的学校在课程、师资、品牌、运营、教材、技术等方面的协同与整合。

  China First Capital Group Limited (listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong: 1269.HK) specializes in the exploration, cultivation, investment, and operation of quality educational assets. Focusing on quality education, characteristic k-12 education, media arts education, and international education, CFCG constructs the core business model and optimizes the allocation of educational resources to promote the coordination and integration of schools having merged and invested in the curriculum, teachers, brands, and operations, teaching materials, technology and other aspects.




  CFCG hopes to facilitate China’s long-term development of education, and provides more diversified and high-quality elite education for more families and children to adapt to elite education of the future.

  “点亮”计划介绍 "Light-up" Program Introduction




  In the process of global economic integration, with the acceleration of the integration of education, the high-quality education teaching models, new concepts are emerging. During the period of training of the talent education for the future society, in order to meet these new emerging models and concepts, it becomes more and more important to cultivate students’ self-learning ability and interests. Along with these elements, develop the students’ comprehensive abilities such as the leaderships, team cooperative communication and their perfect personalities.




  CFCG believes that education lights up future!


  It is also believed that there are a number of outstanding talents who are about to graduate from normal universities with educational sentiments, dreams and unique concepts all over the world who have their own understanding of education and more innovative educational concepts and educational topics. These graduating talents will bring great influence and change to global education in regard to innovation for a brighter future.


  Given this point, the global "light-up" interns recruitment program is officially launched.


  CFCG invites talented individuals who are interested in education and teaching research to join the "light-up" program. The program provides the opportunity to display their talents to help these ideal educators accumulate rich practical teaching experiences and explore the world’s advanced education and teaching models corroboratively.

  “点亮”计划平台 "Light-up" Program Platform


  West Mountain School, one of the top ten brand education groups in China, is affiliated to CFCG and West Mountain Education Group.


  The two campuses of West Mountain School are located in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province and Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. The School includes kindergarten, primary, junior high, senior high, international education center and vocational technical school.




  The school is characterized by moral education, martial arts, football, art, sports and dragon-lion dance.


  Since its establishment in 1994, West Mountain School has achieved many great accomplishments: In terms of education and teaching, West Mountain School has developed a large number of outstanding students who were granted enrollment in universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University, with graduates all over the world.


  In West Mountain School, students are optimistic, self-confident, excellent and versatile.




  Living far away from their parents urges the children to seek more attention.


  Our school focuses on children’s personalities, specialties and highlights.


  Our teachers are devoted to their work, and they do not abandon any student. They help them to solve their problems, build their self-confidence, and let them discover and develop their own strengths to form their own professional advantages.




  West Mountain School hopes to find more individualized and innovative educational models to help children grow together.


  West Mountain School recruits 50 interns with varying subjects. The interns have passion and dreams for education with the goals of teaching in colleges and universities all over the world.


  Focusing on the interns’ educational and teaching ideas and research topics, West Mountain School will help each intern improve their own educational and teaching standards to explore a new direction of educational development. This allows for the seeds of the new education and teaching ideas take root and sprout in West Mountain School.

  “点亮”计划优势 "Light-up" Program Advantages





  CFCG has the distribution and resources to provide preschool education, K-12 service, vocational education, art training, higher education and innovative education all over the world.



  (website: http://www.cfcg.com.hk/sc/business_edu.php#Early)


  Interns have access to contact top experts and teams around the world as well as their education and teaching philosophy through CFCG and West Mountain Education Group.


  Interns will be guided by mentors that include principals, educational experts and teachers who have more than five years of work experience in West Mountain School utilizing a "one-on-one" model.


  According to the interns’ topics and papers, we will provide the data and practical opportunities required to form a thesis through practice participation projects during the internship.


  Free participation in after school activities such as Chinese martial arts, football, Chinese language and other courses will be provided to enrich the interns’ lives in traditional Chinese cultures.


  We will offer safe and reliable medical and accident insurance in China.


  The accommodation is free, and we will provide internship subsidies based on the school’s teacher standards.


  Meet educational and teaching peers from different countries around the world.


  We offer work certificates and letters of recommendation for further studies and employment.


  Interns can determine the duration of the internship according to their own needs.


  Interns that excel have the chance to be admitted by CFCG or West Mountain School to become regular employees after the internship.

  “点亮”计划申请条件 "Light-up" Program Application Requirement



  年龄在23-30岁之间,身心健康,有责任心,热衷于从事教育教学事业的毕业生(或准毕业生、准备做间隔年gap year的学生)。

  The interns should be between the ages of 23 and 30. They should also be physically and mentally healthy, as well as, responsible and eager to engage in education. This includes teaching career graduates (or graduating students, or gap year students).


  A research topic for an individual education major should be available.


  Interns, majoring in education in colleges and universities around the world and performing well in school, should provide proof or recommendation about their own ability, comprehensive quality and other related aspects.


  Interns need to have strong communication and language skills, and be good at analysis, problem solving, induction, and summarization.


  Interns should be highly motivated, highly efficient and rigorous, and have strong teamwork and strong anti-compressive abilities.


  Domestic interns should have basic English language skills, while foreign interns need to possess the ability to express and write English (or Chinese expression ability).

  如何申请 How To Apply

  全球唯一官方接收通道: 发送邮件至westmountainschool@163.com

  The only official receive channel: send mail to westmountainschool@163.com


  The name of Mail title: Global "Light-up" Program + Name

  邮件内容包括 The mail contents include


  Personal CV


  Graduate university and educational qualification


  English (Chinese) competency level


  Intern time


  Expected educational practice direction


  Introduction of research topics (uploaded in the form of mail attachments)


  Once your application is received, it will go through the screening process, and then you will be notified of the results.


  Registration time: May 9th 2019—June 20th 2019




  CFCG and West Mountain Education Group hope that each intern will "light-up" their dream of education through the "light-up" program in West Mountain School. At the same time, each intern will help more students enjoy the global innovative and diversified education that will light up the future of more students thus contributing to the global education.





传真: 0791-85607220

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